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Mauna Kea, Hawaii. A planet full of mystery

Mauna Kea, Hawaii. A planet full of mystery

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How can the moon rise through a mountain? It cannot, what has been photographed here is the moonrise through the shadow of a large volcano, the Mauna Kea, in Hawaii, a frequent source of spectacular photographs, since it could be said that this site is the best location of observation on planet Earth.

The Sun has just set in the opposite direction, behind the camera. In addition, the moon has just gone through the moon phase. The refraction of the moonlight through the Earth's atmosphere makes the moon appear slightly oval.

In the foreground you can see ash cones of ancient volcanic eruptions. The upper part of the clouds under the summit of the Mauna Kea is very flat, which is rare, indicating a decrease in the humidity of the air that usually keeps the air very dry, which constitutes another of the attributes of this place of stellar observation .

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