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Toledo Tables. From Prehistory to the Middle Ages

Toledo Tables. From Prehistory to the Middle Ages

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Azarquiel or Al-Zarqali was an outstanding astronomer and geographer of Al-Andalus. He was born in Toledo in 1029, and died in Seville in 1087. The astronomical work of Azarquiel was most prolific in the astronomical field. Its production included from the elaboration of astronomical tables to theoretical treatises, including the creation of instruments related to astronomy.

One of his most outstanding works are the Tablas Toledanas, which, as the name suggests, were calculated in the city of Toledo in 1069. Although its creation is attributed entirely to Azarquiel, it is likely that other astronomers of the world participated in its elaboration. era, although directed by him. The original Arabic text has been lost, but about 128 manuscripts are preserved.

In the Toledan Tables there is a great influence of the trepidation movement of the equinoxes, since Azarquiel was inspired by the works of Ibn Qurra. The Toledan Tables adopted a different origin for the celestial coordinate system. Instead of using the spring equinox, they used the stars, and planetary movements were measured in relation to them.

Other astronomical works of Azarquiel were the Almanac of Ammonium, the sum referring to the movement of the Sun, the treaty related to the movement of the fixed stars, the treaty of the azalea, the treatise of the sheet of the seven planets and the influences and figures of the planets.

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