Coal bags (nebulae)

Coal bags (nebulae)

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Is called coal bags to dark nebulae formed by large amounts of dusts and gases, so called because they absorb the light from the stars behind them, along our visual field. For this reason they appear as black spots on the background of the starry sky.

The best known coal bag is in the southern sky, near the Southern Cross. Actually, it is a cluster of dusts and gases with a mass one hundred times greater than the Sun and located inside our Galaxy about 400 light-years from us.

Another similar bag of coal is visible, in the northern hemisphere, in the constellation Swan. From the point of view of its composition, the bright Orion nebula is no different than a bag of coal: the difference is that the latter shines because in the middle of the dust and gas cluster is a star that illuminates the whole.

Nebulae of this type are considered by astronomers as the place where they are born, by phenomena of aggregation of matter, stars that surround the planets, but our observation instruments are not yet powerful enough to follow events of this type.

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