What does BJD-2450000 mean?

What does BJD-2450000 mean?

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In different papers I've encountered time indications in BJD-2450000. I know that BJD stands for Barycentric Julian Date, but I don't understand the meaning of the suffix -2450000.

This is an example of what I'm talking about (table is taken from this paper). I'd like to know how I can convert this in JD or just "normal" BJD if that makes sense?

Julian dates offer one nice feature: All astronomical observations recorded by humankind have a positive timestamp. A key downside of Julian dates is that current timestamps on computers that use 64 bit IEEE Standard for Floating-Point Arithmetic (IEEE 754) have a resolution of 40 microseconds. Almost all computers use the IEEE 754 floating point standard. This lack of precision can be a problem with some modern astronomical observations.

One way around this limitation is to use a pair double precision numbers to represent time, the sum of which logically represent the Julian date. This is the approach used by the Standards of Fundamental Astronomy (SOFA). Another approach is to use an offset.

One example is Modified Julian Date, subtracts 2400000.5 from the Julian date. This slices off the leading 24 which is always present on any recent Julian date (JD 2400000.5 was midnight on 17 November 1858, and JD 2500000.0 will occur at noon on 31 August 2132). The additional half of a day in the MJD offset effectively sets the start of a day at midnight rather than at noon.

Subtracting 2450000.0 is equivalent the slicing off the leading 245 from recent Julian dates. This simple slicing technique is valid from noon 9 October 1995 (inclusive) to noon 24 February 2023 (exclusive). The precision using IEEE 754 doubles at the latter date will be two picoseconds, which is more than precise enough for timestamping any astronomical observation for the past two decades and the next decade.

That is a simple offset in order to work with smaller numbers. Add that number (2450000) again to each value in the day column and you have the unmodified value of BJD.

The advantages of using Julian dates (and what to do with the "- 2450000" part) have been described well in previous answers but if you're curious about the "barycentric" part here's an example.

Let's say I'm observing an eclipsing binary to measure the period which might be changing. Six months later I observe the system again. The measurements could be off by up to ~15 mins (the diameter of the Earth's orbit in light minutes) because I'm on the other side of the Earth's orbit now. Astronomers started using "heliocentric" Julian dates (HJD) to take care of the problem - as if the observatory was located in the center of the Sun - so the location of the Earth in its orbit was no longer a source of error.

HJDs weren't a perfect solution; the Sun doesn't sit in the middle of the solar system without moving. The Sun, planets, and all of the objects in our solar system are orbiting the center of mass of the solar system which is called the barycenter. Now Julian dates are corrected as if the observatories are located at the solar system barycenter instead. The difference between BJD and HJD is much smaller, around ± 4 secs.

Whether the differences is important or not depends on what is being measured. In the paper you referenced, data were being combined from multiple sources measuring very small timing variations and using BJDs made the timing errors as small as possible.


The program can also be launched from a Command Line for batch processing on remote observatory. The argument to LesvePhotometry.exe is the full path to the directory where the images are stored. The content of a batch file or a script would be similar to :

cd "C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesDPP LesveLesvePhotometry"
LesvePhotometry.exe C:UsersPierreDocuments\_AstroImages est\_Test version 83-85

Notice that the path name may contain space characters. The images with the following extensions fit, fts and fits will be reduced and their reports created as usual.
The Command Line also accetps an optional argument /s to run the program silently i.e. without opening the LesvePhotometry windows :

cd "C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesDPP LesveLesvePhotometry"
LesvePhotometry.exe /s C:UsersPierreDocuments\_AstroImages est\_Test version 83-85

It is important to remember that LesvePhotometry will use the settings of the last session of the program.
At the execution end if not run silently, LesvePhotometry User Interface will remain open and may be used in the normal way i.e. by a click on "Photometry-Go" button and selecting manually images to be reduced.
Before distributing the reports it remains important for the user to assess the data quality. Blind transmission of the bad quality data must be avoided for obvious reasons. It would also degrade the LesvePhotometry reputation. It's the reason why the Excel reports will be leaved open on the computer screen except if program runs silently.
The Reinsch window will also not open in silent mode as it is a user-interactive window which would block the batch process.

This additional "Command Line" feature is transparent for users who don't use it.

Smart Doll Buyers Guide

Welcome to Smart Doll Land! My name is Danny Choo and I am the creator of Smart Doll. This page attempts to cover the main things that folks wonder about when they are in the middle of deciding to buy a Smart Doll.


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Smart Doll is an investment that should be taken seriously which is why we require folks to read about our company philosophy and product quality before buying. Smart Doll is not for everybody and we want to set expectations even if it means that potential customers end up choosing other brands instead.

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Good for newbies

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Gliese 876 b was initially announced by Geoffrey Marcy on June 22, 1998 at a symposium of the International Astronomical Union in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The discovery was made using data from the Keck and Lick observatories. [3] [5] Only 2 hours after his announcement, he was shown an e-mail from the Geneva Extrasolar Planet Search team confirming the planet. The Geneva team used telescopes at the Haute-Provence Observatory in France and the European Southern Observatory in La Serena, Chile. [3] [2] Like the majority of early extrasolar planet discoveries it was discovered by detecting variations in its star's radial velocity as a result of the planet's gravity. This was done by making sensitive measurements of the Doppler shift of the spectral lines of Gliese 876. It was the first discovered of four known planets in the Gliese 876 system. [6] [1] [2] [7] [8]

Mass, radius, and temperature Edit

Given the planet's high mass, it is likely that Gliese 876 b is a gas giant with no solid surface. Since the planet has only been detected indirectly through its gravitational effects on the star, properties such as its radius, composition, and temperature are unknown. Assuming a composition similar to Jupiter and an environment close to chemical equilibrium, it is predicted that the atmosphere of Gliese 876 b is cloudless, though cooler regions of the planet may be able to form water clouds. [9]

A limitation of the radial velocity method used to detect Gliese 876 b is that only a lower limit on the planet's mass can be obtained. This lower limit is around 1.93 times the mass of Jupiter. [7] The true mass depends on the inclination of the orbit, which in general is unknown. However, because Gliese 876 is only 15 light years from Earth Benedict et al. (2002) were able to use one of the Fine Guidance Sensors on the Hubble Space Telescope to detect the astrometric wobble created by Gliese 876 b. [10] This constituted the first unambiguous astrometric detection of an extrasolar planet. [6] Their analysis suggested that the orbital inclination is 84°±6° (close to edge-on). [10] In the case of Gliese 876 b, modelling the planet-planet interactions from the Laplace resonance shows that the actual inclination of the orbit is 59°, resulting in a true mass of 2.2756 times the mass of Jupiter. [6]

The equilibrium temperature of Gliese 876 b, is estimated to be around 194 K (−79 °C −110 °F). [11]

This planet, like c and e, has likely migrated inward. [12]

Host star Edit

The planet orbits a (M-type) star named Gliese 876. The star has a mass of 0.33 M and a radius of around 0.36 R . It has a surface temperature of 3350 K and is 2.55 billion years old. In comparison, the Sun is about 4.6 billion years old [13] and has a surface temperature of 5778 K. [14]

Orbit Edit

Gliese 876 b is in a 1:2:4 Laplace resonance with the inner planet Gliese 876 c and the outer planet Gliese 876 e: in the time it takes planet e to complete one orbit, planet b completes two and planet c completes four. This is the second known example of a Laplace resonance, the first being Jupiter's moons Io, Europa and Ganymede. [6] As a result, the orbital elements of the planets change fairly rapidly as they dynamically interact with one another. [15] The planet's orbit has a low eccentricity, similar to the planets in the Solar System. The semimajor axis of the orbit is only 0.208 AU, less than that of Mercury in the Solar System. [6] However Gliese 876 is such a faint star that this puts it in the outer part of the habitable zone. [16]

Gliese 876 b currently lies beyond the outer edge of the habitable zone but because Gliese 876 is a slowly evolving main-sequence red dwarf its habitable zone is very slowly moving outwards and will continue to do so for trillions of years. Therefore, Gliese 876 b will, in trillions of years time, lie inside Gliese 876's habitable zone, as defined by the ability of an Earth-mass planet to retain liquid water at its surface, and remain there for at least 4.6 billion years. [17] While the prospects for life on a gas giant are unknown, large moons may be able to support a habitable environment. Models of tidal interactions between a hypothetical moon, the planet and the star suggest that large moons should be able to survive in orbit around Gliese 876 b for the lifetime of the system. [18] On the other hand, it is unclear whether such moons could form in the first place. [19] However, the large mass of the gas giant may make it more likely for larger moons to form. [ citation needed ]

For a stable orbit the ratio between the moon's orbital period Ps around its primary and that of the primary around its star Pp must be < 1/9, e.g. if a planet takes 90 days to orbit its star, the maximum stable orbit for a moon of that planet is less than 10 days. [20] [21] Simulations suggest that a moon with an orbital period less than about 45 to 60 days will remain safely bound to a massive giant planet or brown dwarf that orbits 1 AU from a Sun-like star. [22] In the case of Gliese 876 b, the orbital period would have to be no greater than a week (7 days) in order to have a stable orbit.

Tidal effects could also allow the moon to sustain plate tectonics, which would cause volcanic activity to regulate the moon's temperature [23] [24] and create a geodynamo effect which would give the satellite a strong magnetic field. [25]

To support an Earth-like atmosphere for about 4.6 billion years (the age of the Earth), the moon would have to have a Mars-like density and at least a mass of 0.07 M . [26] One way to decrease loss from sputtering is for the moon to have a strong magnetic field that can deflect stellar wind and radiation belts. NASA's Galileo's measurements hints large moons can have magnetic fields it found that Jupiter's moon Ganymede has its own magnetosphere, even though its mass is only 0.025 M . [22]

Variability of the stars

Most stars that we know of have a stable brightness. There are more than 100,000 such starts in our astronomical archives today.

Variable stars are either extrinsic or intrinsic. The tricky part of all the deliberation is that the brightness of all-stars changes with time.

To bring things into a better perspective, the polarise as 4.4 times more luminous once. The northern Polaris belongs to a family of stars called the cepheid stars.

These stars are characterized by high luminosity and short pulsations. This variation helps astronomers deduce the distance between the earth and the subjected star.

Other types of stars are the cataclysmic star, eruptive stars, etc. some intrinsic variables include the rotating and the binary stars.

The Meaning of Stargazing

By: Tony Flanders March 7, 2007 6

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The stargazers, family Uranoscopidae, are bottom-dwelling fishes with eyes on the tops of their heads. The Common American Stargazer, Astroscopus y-graecum, has a special talent: it can generate weak electric shocks.

New Zealand-American Submarine Ring of Fire 2005 Exploration, NOAA Vents Program


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What really keeps me coming back and sharing it with others is the moments of discovery. Sometimes the discovery far exceeds how it was imagined, sometimes the discovery comes at a totally unexpected moment and sometimes . both!

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Thank you for your very accurate and detailed description! Here's my thoughts:

-Stargazing is plain fun, and that is a very great purpose. The only thing in life to be taken seriously is happiness.

-I agree: stargazing is completely Selfish - with this "catch": I'd distinguish between our own little "self" and the infinite cosmic "Self". So stargazing is both unselfish and Selfish, because it makes us more "whole-ly", more one with God.

-Stargazing is a simple and uncomplicated pleasure, like everything divine. In our man-made environments, the sky is often the only God-made thing around us, so I think there's great meaning and purpose to stargazing, if only to remind our own bodies of their divine origin and heal them in the process!

Maybe I'll sum it up like this: If you want to pray, first have a look at the sky. If you don't want to pray, have a look at the sky instead. I wish you clear skies!

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I agree mostly that stargazing is selfish however it is not complety selfish

- stargazing brings people together even strangers

- it also makes people happy which certainly makes the world better

- stargazing creates a memorable experience for someone ( I still remember my first star party)

Anyway stargazing will always be fun but I like to think it makes the world better to live in.

Our Little Darlings News Blog

Hi everyone, we would like to plan a fall or winter swap. Options we have come up with are a Back-to-School themed swap to be run in early September or a Holiday Themed swap to be run in December. Please go to this link to pick your choice.

Any other comments, questions or ideas can be placed below!

Announcement from Lana Dobbs

Via Geri Uribe. Please note that you should contact me or Dorothy King with your information, as below in our previous post. Do not contact Geri directly, as she will swiftly become overwhelmed with info.

To all of my customers who have been so patient with me, I would like to apologize that I have gotten so far behind in fulfilling doll painting orders. I have devised a plan that, hopefully, will be acceptable. I am happy to paint a doll for those of you who still want one however, I will be issuing refunds for those that don't want to wait. Refunds will allow those who still want a doll to move up the list. I am unable to refund all deposits at once, so while working on my orders I plan to paint one Doll of the Month each month, because they sell for a lot more, and all monies from that will be applied to refunds.

Scam Sites

Hi all, thanks to Anita, it was brought to our attention that there are unscrupulous people who have stolen actual Little Darling owners' photos and videos and have made a scam sale site from which they are "selling" Little Darlings for $12.99 each. Needless to say, if it seems to be too good to be true, it probably is! Anyway, beware of this scam, and you may want to check to see if your own pictures are among those stolen!

Here are the links Anita sent us. Thank you again, Anita!

History of Our Little Darlings Group

Hi all. Good Sunday morning. We are digging out of another foot of snow in Upstate NY. I thought today I'd write a little bit about the history of our group here, as suggested as a topic of interest by Dorothy. Some of you might have some tidbits to add. Feel free to comment below!

I personally first heard about the Little Darlings in the Heidi Plusczok Group on Yahoo Groups. Someone posted one and I was amazed! It was spring 2010. I believe that Dianna Effner first started painting and showing off the dolls in 2009. I swiftly ordered two of them, one from Janet Wysong (Emma Leigh Addison) in a small edition that she had commissioned, and one, my Zoe, featured in my profile picture, directly from Dianna. At that time, the wait was about 11 weeks (astonishingly short, now!). Dianna had established a fan group on Yahoo groups. The group still exists, in email-only format and all the web components have since been deleted, so I can't find out what the date was that she established it, but I was invited to join in September of 2010.

I was a group member there for awhile and active contributor and was invited to moderate in mid-2012, with Gale Lyons and Laura Seymour. We all moderated various swaps and discussions and photo-sharing there for quite some time. The Yahoo Groups format started to have increasing technical difficulties with decreasing support by Yahoo in 2014. Dianna wanted to move our group, so she established this site in early September 2014 and added Laura and I as moderators at that time. Gale had since "retired" from the group moderator duties. I worked with Dianna to set up the site. She had a few requirements and I went from there! We all learned together how to navigate this new group as we went, and I arranged most of the technical aspects of the site. All of the banner photos are from my own photographs of my dolls.

I moved the old Yahoo groups files to our "Files" section here. Those of you who were not Yahoo Groups members or those of you who have forgotten what was on there, feel free to browse our "Files" section. There are some handy things there. I set up our Photos section to help us all share our favorites of our girls. It's gotten HUGE!

As mentioned above, Yahoo subsequently deleted the Yahoo Groups websites and all their content. It's still possible to email the group and it goes out to the listserve, but it's limited to email-only at this point and is cumbersome to administer, at best. I remain a moderator there although there is next to no activity at this point.

So that's a brief history of our group and my involvement with it. I hope that we continue here, having fun, sharing photos and stories of our dolls, and making new friends!

Member Suggested Question Of The Week Questions

Member Suggested Questions

Dear Members, we invite you to suggest some ideas for Question of the Week. What special holidays does your Little Darling like to celebrate? What fun activities does your Little Darling enjoy? We would like to know.

Please send your ideas to Dorothy via ning email. Don’t post here. We want the questions to be a surprise.

We will begin posting member questions in March.



Behind the fictional Santa Claus is an actual man named St. Nicholas. He was a religious man who dedicated his life to helping others.

Well, the Little Darlings like to help others too.

For this Drawing, take a photo of your Little Darling(s) doing a good deed for someone else, or for a pet, or for an organization/charity.

This Drawing idea was suggested by our member Karin and she has graciously provided prizes. The prizes are lovely and were lovingly created by Karin’s own hands. Thank you Karin for this wonderful idea and for providing the prizes!

Five winners will be selected: 3 from among our US members and 2 from among our international members

1 Between Monday, November 2 and Friday, November 13

* Stage your Little Darling doing a good deed.

* Post the photo within the Discussion started here (do not start a new Discussion)

Adjust the resolution of their photos to no larger than 1500 pixels wide, just post the photo

Write a few sentences describing what your Little Darling is doing.

2 On Saturday, November 14, the names of members who have

posted a photo will be put in a hat. Five winners will be selected,

three from our US members and two from our international members.

3 Prizes will be mailed the week of November 16.

4 Winners should post photos of their dolls with their prizes on

Sunday, December 6, which is St. Nicholas Day.

**Only one Little Darling photo may be submitted.

**You may only submit a photo of your own Little Darlings and not a photo you have seen

Honoring Dianna through a Parade of Joy

I know we are all sad about the loss of Dianna. Today's "Post of the Week" will be a Parade of Joy to honor Dianna's memory and influence in our lives through her amazing doll artistry.

So today, please post ANY of your Dianna Effner dolls: Little Darlings, porcelains, Ashton Drake dolls, Maru and Friends, Boneka, etc. Let's show them in a Parade of Joy, marching along, being happy and celebrating childhood, innocence, and Dianna 's spirit in bringing us these beautiful dolls that remind us of good things and happy times. If you would like, please add what collecting Dianna 's dolls has brought to your life and why these dolls speak to you.

I will post my own photo later on today and I hope to see a big parade of joyous Effner dolls, showing us the spirit of childhood and honoring Dianna's contribution to our lives.


It is with much sadness that we inform you of the passing of our beloved leader Dianna Effner. We have just learned of this and we do not have any of the details.

We anticipate that you will have many questions about our ning site. At this point, we do not have answers.

We ask that you pray for comfort for Ms. Effner’s family and friends.

You might want to give your Little Darling a special hug today.

Elizabeth and Dorothy (Moderators)

Drum roll, please. winners!

Olivia, Elizabeth's seven-year-old, enjoyed picking out the order of winners for the photo activity!

And the winner is: EVERYONE!

Drawing - Theme: Dolls Don't Have Practice Social Distancing

Hi All! Dorothy has come up with a lovely drawing idea for our group to cheer us all up! Here we go:


While the world is practicing Social Distancing, dolls do not have to. We want to take this opportunity to showcase our sweet Little Darlings engaged in activities with other Dianna Effner created dolls (Bonekas, Marus, Ruby Red Fashion Friends) or having fun with their stuffed animals.

Two winners will be selected. Each winning Little Darling will receive an outfit.

Between Monday, July 6 and Friday, July 17

1 Stage your Little Darling and her friend(s) having fun together

3 Post the photo within the Discussion (do not start a new

4 Adjust the resolution of their photos to no larger than 1500

On Saturday, July 17, the names of members who have posted a photo will be put in a hat and Elizabeth's 7-year-old daughter will draw out a winner. Two winners will be selected and prizes will be sent.

**Only one Little Darling photo may be submitted.

**You may only submit a photo of your own Little Darlings and not a

photo you have seen online.

**Failure to adhere to the rules and guidelines above will disqualify your entry

Apologies for any delays in answering.

My apologies if anyone specifically sends me a message or email and I don't answer right away. I'm running by the seat of my pants to try to keep up at work with this pandemic issue. I own a veterinary clinic and we have a lot of contact with the public, and one cannot just shut down a veterinary clinic and leave one's patients high and dry. so we are coping as best we can. My practice is changing daily with what we are doing to try to keep from exposing ourselves or our many older clients. It's wild and stressful, so if you message me please bear with me till I can get back to you, and everyone, please be well. Stay home and play dollies and I will too, when I have time!

2020 Participation Survey

Hi ladies and gents. Dorothy and I have made a survey to help guide us in making activities for this year. Please click the link and take the survey!

We appreciate your feedback! :)

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone! Happy New Year to all. What kinds of activities would we like to do in the New Year? In the past we have run some swaps for sewing supplies and fabrics, sew-alongs and knit-alongs, photo contests and of course, swaps! I know Dorothy has some ideas for this year to come. What ideas do you all have? I have always wanted to have a toy swap to trade scale toys and games for the "kids."

2019 Holiday Swap - Signup Open


Dear Friends, we have chosen the 2019 Swap theme. It is Star Shine ! Little Darlings will twinkle like the stars in the sky when they receive their wonderful Swap gifts.

When you hear the word “star” what does it mean to you? A nursery rhyme, astronomy, Bethlehem, freedom?

Whatever your connotation of the word “star,” you can make or purchase star-related gifts for your Swap Mate’s Little Darling.

The two signup groups are open now. There is one group that has a dollar limit on the swap ($35) and another with no dollar limit. If you are interested in joining in the swapping fun, you have to do two things:

1. Go to the group you wish to join (limited or unlimited) and click the little "Join" button in the lower right.

2. Email that group's coordinator (Elizabeth or Dorothy) with the requested information. See instructions within the group guidelines.

You will be assigned a partner as soon as possible.

Here are the links to the groups:

If you have questions, or if we forgot something, please post below!

An idea that Dianna had.

Dianna had an idea with the other artists to perhaps hold a workshop collector event just for the Little Darlings at some point. The general thought would be that they would teach and share creative projects to make clothes and accessories for our Little Darlings. Dianna wanted to spark some discussion on this topic. What do you all think? Would you like to share any ideas? Would you consider going if there was a collector event? I would do my own very best to go. It sounds very exciting to me, personally!

Some ideas that I have for workshops I'd like to see: shoe-making, clothing design, modifying a commercial wig to give it personal touches, toy-making, scale furniture making, and hat decoration.

If there was such an event, maybe there could be a table or tables where we could sell or trade our own things we have made for the Little Darlings. Or maybe even a doll sale/trade area, too.

2019 Holiday Swap - Are You Interested?

Hello all, my thanks are extended to Dorothy for putting together ideas and materials for this year's Holiday Swap! Here is the announcement:


Dear Friends,
We are almost ready to begin our holiday swap. Right now we want to determine how many people might be interested.
We will have two swap categories as before, one for $35 and the other for over $35.

This year’s theme is Star Shine.
When you hear the word “star” what does it mean to you? A nursery rhyme, astronomy, Bethlehem, freedom? Whatever your connotation of the word “star,” you can make or purchase star-related gifts for your Swap Mate’s Little Darling.

There are two parts to the Swap: the gift part and the story part.
Part 1 – Gifts
Following the guidelines of your selected category, you will choose gifts for one Little Darling and your Swap Mate.
Part 2 - Story
You can create a brief story to accompany your gifts. For example, you could write about the Little Darling going to Pasadena, California to the Hubble Space Station to look through the optical telescope at the stars.

If you think you might participate, please reply to this post with Count Me In.

We will share the Swap details and time line later. Swaps are always fun activities for our members. We hope you will join in on this one!

Modern Doll Collectors Convention

Please consider attending MDCC in San Antonio in 2019.  Last year in New Orleans all of us of the Doll Dreamers Guild and Friends had an amazing time, but then we always do when we’re together.  The artists who attended were myself, Nelly Valentino, Lana Dobbs, Pat Green, Joyce Matthews, Helen Skinner, associate artist, Gwen Peard and for the first time we met and welcomed our newest guild member all the way from Australia, LeeAnne Carpenter.  Please allow me to recount some of my most notable memories from the event.  I added 4 terrific Helen Kish dolls to my collection.  I acquired an 18 inch Meadow BJD which I will paint myself when I get a chance. I acquired 3 adorable Boneka dolls at the Boneka event.  I met a lovely young artist, Virginia Obeius, and admired her work which led me to buy one of her BJDs online after the event.  I had  an opportunity to witness some truly masterpiece heirloom style dresses made by Nelly Valentino.  Nelly introduced me to a new friend from the UK, Catherine French,  who makes the most exquisite little hand knit sweaters and I was able to purchase 3 of the them.  I struck a deal with Suzie Langellier to trade a doll for some of her beautiful sweaters.  

Our meal event was a lot of fun. Though I was a bit nervous about getting up in front of the crowd and telling the story of Suzette Dupré, the audience seemed pleasantly entertained and amused by my attempts to speak and sing in French.  I will be posting the story on one of my sites with pictures of Suzette, hopefully soon. 

The event was well attended.  It was great to see old friends like Claudia Braun of Boneka.  We were a little disappointed that there were not as many of our collectors and fans as there have been at other conventions.  Next year in San Antonio we are going to try some new ideas and be more engaged with the collectors who come to meet the artists.  Please let us know if you are planning to attend.  That will help us plan and coordinate activities and hospitality arrangements. 

We hope to see some of you in San Antonio next September.

Warm regards from all of us in the Doll Dreamers Guild. 

Photos show  Nelly's amazing work and some sweaters by Catherine French:

Pink Floyd: Astronomy Domine Meaning

Lime and limpid green
a second scene,
A fight between the blue
you once knew.
Floating down the sound resounds
Around the icy waters underground
Jupiter and Saturn
Oberon Miranda and Titania
Neptune Titan
Stars can frighten

The Trail Blazer SYD BARRETT who was out there from the beginning to ''START'' PINK FLOYD about experiencing the exploration of the mind to compose a trippy song to see how it feels by not being afraid going down in the deep waters of the ocean and then away from the blue of the EARTH to the OUTTA PLANETS and their watery moons that are in the SOLAR SYSTEM. Where all in all is all of ''THE LORD'S DOMAIN'' to explore the outta and the inner together as a musical space rock chant. Where even the stars can frighten when flip flopping like a fish out of water or if they're to heavenly bright when you're up there in their domain.

Hello! The possible "ocean" under the icy surface of Jupiter's moon Callisto, was not discovered until AFTER this song was written! Syd Barrett had no idea of any of this, since the Pioneer and Voyager missions that made these discoveries weren't even launched until the 70s! And they ask why young people have to study dates in History! Get your timeline straight and/or stop smokin' dat s**t.

It means exactly what it says.

This song is about one of Syd Barrett's first LSD trips, where he made the universe out of a fruit bowl. Then, something ate his "universe".

I agree that the lyric "icy waters underground" is referring to jupiter's moon Callisto to be exact. This moon is a moon that escapes the radiation of jupiter and is a great place to support life for humans so the lyric before it, "Floating down" might mean we might be landing there one day to try to find another home.

"Lime and lipid green" might be the fact that mars looks lime green from a certain distance due to our atmosphere being hazy. It distorts our vision slightly.

"Fight between the blue you once knew" might be the fact that two neutron stars, which are blue due the intense heat, sometimes get pulled together by each others gravity and violently spin at the speed of light until colliding creating a spectacular explotion.

I also agree with the fact that stars can frighten because some people fear, even though it will take place in 5 billion years, that our sun will get to its red giant phase and engulf mercury. A matter of 45 million years later it will blow of its outer layers, or explode, destroying the solar system and leaving behind the dying core of the sun.

You have to study astrobiology to understand a little about this song.
The "icy waters underground" may refer to the possible ocean discovered on one of Jupiter's moons.
Apart from that, stars can really frighten: the universe is soo mysterious.
Anyway, it's a trippy song.

Monitoring of transiting exoplanets and their host stars with small aperture telescopes

Exoplanet research is now target rich with a wide diversity of systems making it difficult for high demand observatories to undertake follow up observations over extended periods of time. We investigate the effectiveness of using 0.4m-class telescopes for monitoring transiting hot Jupiters and their host stars. We consider two representative case studies: WASP-52b with 13 new transits, and HAT-P-23b with 17 new transits and concurrent photometric monitoring covering 78 days. We present updated system parameters and combine our new transit times with previously published results to calculate new ephemerides for both systems. Our analysis of transit mid-times for WASP52b results in a slight preference for a quadratic ephemeris (∆χ 2 ν = 0.07, ∆BIC = 1.53 over a linear ephemeris. We discuss the reality of this quadratic ephemeris indicating a period change of δPt = −38.6 ± 4 ms yr −1 and consider possible causes. WASP-52 is known to be an active star with previous publications reporting many spot crossing events, however no such events are seen in our new photometry. Our analysis shows that WASP-52 is still active and that the latitude of the spots has likely migrated away from the transit chord. We confirm the inflated nature and circular orbit for HAT-P-23b. Our monitoring of HAT-P-23 reveals a periodicity of 7.015 days with an amplitude of 0.011 mag which we interpret as the rotation period of HAT-P-23. The photometric and transit timing precision achieved in the case studies shows that this class of telescope is capable of precise characterisation and long-term monitoring of transiting hot Jupiters in support of dedicated ongoing and future ground and space based observations.


Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article.

Oberon, outermost of the five major moons of Uranus and the second largest of the group. Oberon was discovered in 1787 by the English astronomer William Herschel, who had found Uranus in 1781 it was named by William’s son, John Herschel, for a character in William Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

The mean distance of Oberon from the centre of Uranus is about 582,600 km (362,000 miles), and its orbital period is 13.46 days. Like all of Uranus’s large moons, Oberon rotates synchronously with its orbital period, keeping the same hemisphere toward the planet and the same hemisphere forward in its orbit. The moon has a diameter of 1,522 km (946 miles) and a density of 1.63 grams per cubic cm. Like its three large siblings Ariel, Umbriel, and Titania, Oberon is thought to consist of about half water ice, with the remainder made of rocky material and perhaps a small proportion of other frozen volatile materials.